(SQR 2002) DO arguments do not match procedure’s – How to Correct

When Run the PeopleSoft SQR Programme via Command Line (SQRW Utility) or PIA Process Scheduler you may face the error like that,

Error on line 88: (SQR 2002) DO arguments do not match procedure’s.

It is SQR Procedure Argument Mismatch Problems. Ok let me tell the whole scenario so you will fully understand the problems and solutions also.

Let consider you have created a SQC Programme like that

Begin-Procedure Append-Log($Log_Item_Name, $Log_Item_Value)

  if #_log_array_counter > 9999

        if #_log_array_counter = 10000

          Display 'Maximum size of Log Item Array has been exceeded.'
          Display '(Maximum number of array elements = 10000)'



        if length($Log_Item_Name) > 40

          let $Log_Item_Name = SUBSTR($Log_Item_Name, 1, 40)


For Example purposes i have not put the full code.
So above Append-Log procedure it take 2 Parameter. So When you invoke this procedure you need to Pass those 2 arguments value.

Do Append-Log('PROCESS NAME',      &L.PRCSNAME)
Do Append-Log('REPORT NAME',       $ReportID)

But if you pass only one , then show (SQR 2002) DO arguments do not match procedure’s. error and abort the SQR Programme.

Do Append-Log('PROCESS TYPE') 

Hope this helps 🙂

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