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Difference Between PeopleTools Operator ID , Connect ID and Access ID

Operator ID

Operator ID also known as User ID.

A PeopleSoft user ID is the ID you enter at the PeopleSoft sign-in dialog box and Operate PeopleSoft Online Portal. You assign each PeopleSoft user a user ID and password. The combination of these two items grants users online access ( From PIA ) to the PeopleSoft system.

PeopleSoft no longer creates users at the database level.

The user ID is the key used to identify the user profile definition.

For Example: Valid PeopleSoft Operator ID, such as PS/PS for Human Capital Management or VP1/VP1 for Financials/Supply Chain Management.

Peoplesoft Application Permissions:  Obtains all the rights/permission from Roles/Permission Lists.

Types of Account: PeopleSoft User Account.

You can see all the operator Details in “PSOPRDEFN” table. For Example


Connect ID

The connect ID performs the initial connection to the database.

A connect ID is required for a direct connection (two-tier connection) to the database. Application servers and two-tier Microsoft Windows clients require a connect ID. You specify the connect ID for an application server in the Signon section of the PSADMIN utility. For Microsoft Windows clients, you specify the connect ID in the Startup tab of PeopleSoft Configuration Manager. You can create a connect ID by running the Connect.SQL and Grant.SQL scripts.

For Example: people/peop1e Usually used in PSADMINutility when we need to configure Application Server and Process Scheduler Server.

PeopleSoft Application Permission: Read-only rights to

  • PSDBOWNER (For Oracle/DB2)



Grant select on PSSTATUS to <CONNECT_ID>
Grant select on PSOPRDEFN to <CONNECT_ID>
Grant select on PSACCESSPRFL to <CONNECT_ID>

Types of Account: RDBMS Account So, Exists in Database Level.

Without a connect ID specified, the system assumes that workstation is accessing PeopleSoft through an application server. The option to override the database type is disabled.

Using Connect ID in PeopleSoft configuration Manager

Using Connect ID in PeopleSoft configuration Manager

Access IDs

When you create any user ID, you must assign it an access profile, which specifies an access ID and password.

The PeopleSoft access ID is the RDBMS ID with which PeopleSoft applications are ultimately connected to your database after the PeopleSoft system connects using the connect ID and validates the user ID and password. An access ID typically Full RDBMS  privileges necessary to access and manipulate data for an entire PeopleSoft application.

Users do not know their corresponding access IDs. They just sign in with their user IDs and passwords. Behind the scenes, the system signs them into the database using the access ID.

If users try to access the database directly with a query tool using their user or connect IDs, they have limited access. User and connect IDs only have access to the few PeopleSoft tables used during sign-in, and that access is Select-level only. Furthermore, PeopleSoft encrypts the sensitive data that resides in those tables.

For Example: SYSADM/SYSADM Usually it is schema owner. They stored encrypted in PSACCESSPRFL  Table



Peoplesoft Application Permissions:  Full RDBMS privileges

Types of Account: RDBMS Account

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6 comments on “Difference Between PeopleTools Operator ID , Connect ID and Access ID

  1. AND ONE MORE THING can you please exaplain the (Also note that this PeopleSoft User not exists in Database As PeopleSoft no longer creates users at the database level) meaning of these sentence??

  2. hey hie nayan.Just now i was reading your tutorial an i find one thing is very important I.E (Also note that this PeopleSoft User not exists in Database As PeopleSoft no longer creates users at the database level.) this means the user which we are cloning from ps is actuallly not saving in database???right???

    • Kunal thanks for writing and asking questions.

      For your information i have updated the post so you can fully understand the scenario.

      PeopleSoft no longer creates users at the database level.

      that means user not available Oracle Data Dictionary DBA Level. If you run select statement on oracle DBA_USERS table then you see only PEOPLE , SYSADM & PS available except oracle internal Users.

      So run this

      SELECT * from DBA_USERS;


      Also you can look


      Here you will see only SYSADM,people,PS. but if you create a user from peoplesoft user profile with minimal permission , you will not findout this user on all_users table.

      Hopefully you can understand.

      • Nayan – This answer was really helpful. As I am not DBA, I was not very sure about the table details for people ID. Your above response explained it. Thanks for your effort.

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