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PeopleSoft applications and their short code

During work on PeopleSoft Integration Broker Node setup, i was found list of PeopleSoft Application short code.This is just for information purpose for all beginner PeopleSoft Consultant.

NoApplication Short CodeApplication Full Descriptions
1CRPeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management
2LMPeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management
3PFPeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management
4EPPeopleSoft Financials / Supply Chain Management
5EAPeopleSoft Financials / Supply Chain Management Argentina
6EBPeopleSoft Financials / Supply Chain Management Brazil
7HCPeopleSoft Human Capital Management
8PAPeopleSoft Portal Solutions
9PTPeopleSoft PeopleTools

I have shared the Integration broker PeopleSoft Local node

PeopleSoft Local Node for Tools Version 8.51
PeopleSoft Local Node for Tools Version 8.51

Surprisingly for HRMS Application PeopleSoft Set their Short Code to HR in Integration Broker PSFT_HR

Anyway i will share PeopleTools 8.53 Default Local Node.

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Hi Sourav,

First of All you need to create Oracle Login ID.
Here is the link for you to create login ID in Oracle.
Oracle Registration

PeopleSoft Application can be download on Oracle Software Delivery cloud.
Here is the link – Oracle eDelivery , then Accept the Terms & Conditions Finally Choose “Select a Product Pack” As PeopleSoft Enterprise.

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